Amaze Travel Card (2019)

The amaze card is both a virtual and physical card to which you can link up to 5 Mastercard debit or credit cards. This eliminates the need for you to carry multiple cards. You can choose a specific card from your app to transact with any time. If you don’t wish to link a card to amaze, you can choose to top up your amaze wallet with a valid credit or debit card and use the wallet to fund your amaze transactions.

Traveller pain points
Travellers who spend on their personal credit or debit cards overseas are often subjected to high foreign exchange rates, hidden fees and the lack of customer service assistance when problems arises.

The solution
I set out to reimagine overseas spending and how we can create a product that is unique. By using Amaze, cardholders no longer need to worry about carrying multiple cards when they travel. Cardholder can make transactions at POS machines with their physical cards or make online transactions with their virtual cards. Registration for the Amaze card is done on the mobile app and from the mobile app, users can monitor their transaction history and filter them base on merchant type, transaction date, transaction location/country or which linked card did the transaction came from, this ensures users are always aware of the transactions that they made. Switching of linked personal cards is also as simple as selecting the cards from the homepage.

Using Format